How Important Is Retirement Financial Planning?

Regardless of the longing to stop going to work one day, a lot of Americans don't start their retirement financial plans until they've been working for several years. With expensive costs of living, it's vital for individuals to start setting aside some money as early as possible for the retirement age in the future. Regardless of the way of saving one is going to choose, there are many reasons why starting to save today is important. Below are some of them:

1.  You'll live longer

During 1950, when a lot of baby-boomer generation has been born, the usual life expectancy of Americans was only above 68 years. In 2010, that figure has raised to about 78.8 years. You may be thinking about what the relationship is between life expectancy and retirement financial plans. Well, the longer that you live, then the more cash you would have to spend in order to survive. During 1950, when you retire at 50, you will require adequate savings so as to live on average of twenty more years. These days, you require enough savings to live for about 3 more decades. Watch this video at and know more about financial planning.

2. Retirees face more health care cost

Together with usual expenses like entertainment, insurance, groceries and mortgage payment, retirees are faced with an ever-increasing cost for health care as well. Aside from the health insurance premium, American couples of a retiring age could anticipate to pay about $600 each month for routine hospital procedures, medications and check-ups. At around 75 years old, that cost would be above $700 each month.

3. Social security isn't enough

The regular American that receive social security would get around $16,000 each year or about $1,250 per month. For most Americans, this would be not enough to live on comfortably. Moreover, you could not start to have social security advantages until you're 62 years old. This means when you would retire before that age, you would need to depend entirely on your personal savings, pension or others. Know more about financial advisors on this website !

4. Retiring must be enjoyable

When you're financially secured, then this could imply visiting your relatives in other towns regularly, taking vacations in other countries and even enjoying high-end restaurants regularly.

To make it short, an effective retirement finance planning would be necessary to have a stress-free, healthy as well as timely retirement. The more and earlier you will save, then the less that you would need to worry about your future. So start planning your retirement financial aspects today to make sure that your at your retirement age, you can enjoy life as you deserve. Learn about Greenville South Carolina financial advisors here!